Best of 2012

Year 2012 started with a  wish for you.’

It was my best year yet.

I did things that I love to do, met some incredible people, and gained clarity about which path to take.

I also launched new projects, continued my experiments, and more of you joined my  email list. I  also with joy in my heart helped people (not as many as I wanted) to grow their business and find clarity in life.

More people joined team  Metadoor.  [Side note: We are hiring – so if you are a blogger, programmer, web developer or a design ninja – and are proud of your work – send your links and notes to mail @]

2013 is going to be even better. For now .. here is a rundown of my favorite posts from 2012.

As always mail me with your suggestions, notes and things you’d like to read here.

What to do when things do not work they way you want?

2012 is almost behind us. If things did not work out the way you wanted them to – this post offers some idea on what to do next.

How to make tons of money?

Money makes us the world go ga-ga. This post was inspired by time-tested principles and new ideas.


We can use fear – to stagnate or grow. Read this one for ideas.

Do good to feel good

Whatever be your reason of doing good – selfish or otherwise – it makes sense to do it.

Myth of easy success in digital world

World is fast paced now – there are more tools (likely more  efficient) but the principles of success remain same as they were in old days.

How to make sure that you succeed?

This post talk about ideas that are different than often discussed rule of 10,000 hours.

A shot at life without metrics

In a world driven by numbers, it makes sense to step aside for a while and pay attention to things that matter.

50 pages a day

You can read more books using this approach, possibly find  opportunities  and expand your world views.

Find a path that is worthy of you

I wrote this post to urge you (and remind myself) – to bring out the best in yourself.

A new month

Use a month as a unit to measure your progress to start and finish mini projects. Many of such mini projects done one after another – will help you  accomplish  a lot.

Myth of doing what you love

This brief post has ideas to get out of your comfort zone and move ahead in life.

How to plan your day like Benjamin Franklin

Model your day and life on how one of the most celebrated life hacker did it.

Thanks for paying attention, and chiming in with your thoughts from time to time. I appreciate you love and your time – and the opportunity to be able to write for you.

To a superb 2013.


  1. Jigyasa

    May the year ahead be even better!! Yes – I read all the listed posts and I am happy with the take away – I simply preserve that n even turn for revisions! Metadoor is exciting and I am excited to see how 2013 unfolds….

    Good Wishes to you Mohit!

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