Is there a better way?

better wayAll of us want to become successful in whatever we do. Becoming successful in your chosen field is easy and asking right questions is a part of it.

If you ask yourself regularly – “is there a better way?”, you can create a unique space for yourself in whatever area you work in. It works irrespective of your role or area of work. Why it works? Because, not everyone does that; people are too busy running. They prefer running aimlessly – than to stop and think about improvement.

Let us see how people can use this question.

Entrepreneurs (can ask): Is there a better way to deliver a service or design a product? This may have been the question Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs asked themselves — when they started working on what later became a Mac. Google may have asked this question when search-engines like AltaVista ruled and they were just a small entity trying to create better search in a university lab. Established players need to ask this question on a regular basis if they want to stay in the game.

Teachers (can ask): Is there a better way to teach — something that teaches them to question the status quo at an early age. They can share a story or a movie that teaches the value of virtues like truth, humility and compassion. They can use drama to teach the art of better expression.

They can ask themselves — can there be a better method of teaching than just asking students to read the chapters and the answer the question. What if the students start with questions first and find the answer in nature and through fun and interesting discussion.

Writers (can ask): Is there a better way to tell a story – in a way that it touches the heart of the reader, sparks an idea, or simply amuses and entertains.

Father or mother (can ask): Is there a way to a better parent? Ask yourself — what is the way to strike a balance between being overly possessive and being indifferent to the demands of your child? Is there a way that can help you know your child better? Can you create a better environment of growth for your child — by creating a balance — where TV, internet, outdoor activity, spending time with friends, reading, and healthy eating all are part of your child’s life? How to help your child grow by setting an example through your own life? How to help your kids unleash their full potential by not pushing your own desires and unfulfilled dreams on them?

Marketer (can ask): Can I be more truthful in communicating with the target audience. Can I drive my products, service or business by delivering quality, being innovative and inducing trust then by pushing products and spamming people with promotions at odd hours?

The question each one of us can ask?

Is there a way I can become a better human being? By speaking less and doing more; by trying to be more understanding, considerate of the need of other person, by active listening, by giving with an open heart, by being truthful, by helping people and reaching out to those in need; by complaining less. When you ask this question chances are that improvements will touch each and every part of your life. It will help you become a better father, husband, son, friend, marketer, entrepreneur and every role you play in your day to day life.

So if you want to be unique then ask yourself today — Is there a better way of doing it?

Thanks for asking this question. I am thanking you because I want you to be better at what you do.

To your success and growth.

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