Myth of easy success in digital world

The success of people and brands on the web fuels dreams.

Dreams that make you think that  overnight success is possible.

This hardly is the case.

Even today – in the world of mobile, twitter,  Facebook,  LinkedIn  – you need to invest time and effort to create true bonds.

It takes more time than what goes in  sending some tweets or posting few comments on a person’s blog.

Tweets and comments can help make a start. But I strongly feel that this time is better spent thinking ways to help people – outside digital.

Success is more than creating a Facebook Page for your business or for yourself –  and  creating  accounts  on different social media websites.  More so when everyone around you is doing it.

You need to do better than that, and this hardly gets done with your head in(side) the screen.

What is needed – is not a new Facebook account but more time shipping and perfecting your art.

Even if your work involves digital – you need time away from it. To think, formulate strategies, create new that gets you attention (of those who matter) and earn you respect.

No more words. Let’s get back to work.


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