50 tips for happy entrepreneurs

happy_on_spacecraftMost of us pursue success which is a worthwhile cause. Better if success is achieved with your happiness intact. This is possible. You may be aware of some of the ideas below. Use the ones that resonate with you and get started on the path of success with happiness.

Let us explore the habits and lifestyle of happy entrepreneurs to understand how you can become one.   (I have written these tips with entrepreneurs in mind but these can help most of   us to be happy and effective.)

Simplicity & Productivity

  1. They single task.
  2. They do meetings on specific days and not every day.
  3. They do spring cleaning so they have less clutter in life and work.
  4. They have a start and end time for a meeting and for their work day.
  5. They do not work seven days a week.
  6. They are more of 4×4 people.
  7. They believe in being transparent.
  8. They delegate.
  9. They monitor and suggest; but do not micro-manage. For them making mistake is acceptable.
  10. They think on paper.

Happiness & Energy

  1. They eat right.
  2. They exercise.
  3. They take daily breaks.
  4. They take time to nourish body, mind and soul.
  5. For them happiness comes from seeing others happy — clients, family, and friends.
  6. For them being happy means keeping their actions aligned with their soul.
  7. They sleep with a feeling of having contributed to the happiness or growth of the world.
  8. They are always game for fun and look for ways to be happy.
  9. They take time to be with friends.
  10. They have a happiness ritual – like singing, mimicry, pottery, long walks or exercise.

Self, Reality & Openness

  1. They take time to know themselves.
  2. Work for them is not something to fill a void in life.
  3. They stay in touch with their feelings.
  4. For them human touch is important.
  5. For them social media is just an extension of their personality and everyday life.
  6. They experiment — like a day when they observe silence or when they watch 3 movies in a row.
  7. They accept that life has ups and downs.
  8. They are open to new ideas and people.
  9. They are open to seek help and advice.
  10. They are not ashamed of accepting that they made a mistake.

Money, Growth and Success

  1. They know the basic — earn more, spend less.
  2. They are old world. They use old till it is working and serving the purpose.
  3. They are not penny wise and pound foolish.
  4. The respect and love money and do not think it is evil.
  5. They understand that money is a mean to many goals.
  6. They also understand that money is not above relationships.
  7. They are in it for the long haul.
  8. They believe in giving.
  9. They go out to places where they have never been before to gain new perspective.
  10. They are not scared of doing the new — trying out new things.

Habits, Character & Communication

  1. They do not pull a short one on people.
  2. They do not make too many promises.
  3. They keep the ones they make.
  4. They do not talk about people, they talk about ideas.
  5. They know it is human to err but do not use it – as an excuse to commit a mistake.
  6. They stand for their word.
  7. They try to get into the shoes of other person.
  8. They trust people.
  9. They are assertive.
  10. They do not say yes to everything that comes across.

To our happiness and growth. What do you do to stay happy and calm while your pursue success?

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    Hello Bro, I read your blogs and get too much inspiration from here. I have a tiny request to you please write few tips for effective communication skills. I need your guidance.

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