A new month

I am a new month, and I am here.

You can use a new month to move ahead in life.

Why a month?

Because a month is long enough time to do something and analyze results. If the results are not in line with your plans — you can change course.

Not to say – a day or week is not important.

How you spend your day is important. But it is too short a time to analyze the results of your actions — towards something like building muscle, losing weight, learning a new skill or measuring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts on your business.

So a month it is.

In a month, you can start and finish a mini project.

What is a mini project?

Something you finish in a small time.

  • Redesigning or launching your website
  • It can be writing a short eBook or a manifesto.

You can also use a month to run interesting experiments. You can,

  • Eat better
  • Become an early riser
  • Meet one new person every day

Last month, I did a no metrics experiment, will share my results in another post.

For this month — my mini project is to work on new website for MasterClass.

I am also running an experiment to switch off — all digital activities by 5pm every evening.

The idea is to give myself a smaller window to finish all work that needs me to be connected and see how I fare. I keep on doing this in bits and pieces, and based on those experiences — I hope to fare well. Will share how it goes.

Does it make sense to you?

If yes — why not share your mini project and/or experiment for November.

What is it? I am eager to know 🙂

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