How to plan your day like Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin

So you want to plan your day like Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, the man known for his autobiography and 13 virtues.

Let us first take a look how Benjamin Franklin’s day looked – in the image that follows.


So it was 8 hours of work, 7 hours of sleep, 5 hour for reflection, review and well being (cleaning/food) etc – and 4 hours for recreation and pursuits of other interests.

Let us break it down more and see how we can do it.

1. Work in blocks of time.

Benjamin Franklin created blocks of time.

Early morning for getting ready, reflection and setting the tone for the day.

Later, a solid 4 hour block for work.

Noon, for food and review.

Afternoon, work again.

Evening, recreation, pursuing interest and social activities.

Then night for solid 7 hours of sleep.

He did not keep up with his routine always – as shared in this Atlantic article about his schedule. For a man who  traveled  for a large part of his life – it would have been almost impossible to stick to it all the time – still the kind of success he achieved as a  polymath  –  is hard to come by without  discipline.

If you look at his schedule he created blocks of time for each activity.

2. Find time for all parts of your life.

He had time to wash, breakfast (no rushing into mobile phone – as soon as you get up).

Once ready – he started work without bothering about anything else.

And he did not eat while working – as people tend to do these days.

There was time for fun, recreation and diversions in evening – even time for putting things in their place.

3. Sleep well.

He kept 7 hours for sleep every night.

And slept at same time every day.

This is a contrast to today where people are  tired due to lack of sleep  and  rarely get a good night’s sleep on weekdays.

4. Be disciplined.

I have no proof to show you that Franklin stuck to this schedule but the achievements of the man and his contribution to society  say it all.

Today people may  speculate  how Franklin would have fared in a world suffering with a constant onslaught  of information  via  Facebook, Twitter and mobile – but chances are that a man as  disciplined  as Franklin would have found a way – to be productive in this age as well.

So if you want to plan your day like Franklin – create blocks of time, find time for all parts of your life, sleep well and be  disciplined.

What sort of daily schedule do you follow?

Love to hear in comments.


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