HAPPY NEW YEAR ……….. and My wish for you in 2012!


  • You have fun all through the year.
  • You do work that makes you come alive.
  • You scale the heights that you imagine for yourself and beyond.
  • You get in the best shape of  your life ever.
  • You make a positive difference in the lives of those around.
  • You celebrate everyday of your life like a festival.
  • You live the life you want and live it to the fullest, not the way world wants you to live it.
  • You leave the past behind and move ahead like a warrior.
  • You find the balm for any of your scars from the past  — in form of love or your own courage.
  • You find the purpose of your life or at least get started  by  starting on  a parallel path.
  • You take care of yourself well.
  • You learn to love yourself without thinking about your shortcomings.
  • You see the light in others.
  • You see the light within.
  • You live a life free of pretences with the carefree abandon of a child.
  • You smile more and spread happiness around.


Here is to a super fabulous 2012 for you and the world we live in.

Send your wishes to me in comments  — or – better write what more you wish for yourself in 2012 and I will say amen to that.

You are already a star. Act like it.

HAPPY 2012!!!

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  1. prerna

    a very happy new year to u too mohit. may god bless all your actions and you get sucess in whatever u think, plan and do in this year. smile always. lots of love to you.

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