Benefits of being unknown

unknownPeople want success, many of us dream of becoming famous.

You may be unknown; but there may be a thought inside your head to become a celebrity. Have you ever thought, “What if my life was like (insert your favorite celebrity name here)?”

Being famous helps, it opens new doors. Famous people are better placed to make connections and convert these connections into profitable propositions.

But there is a time lag between being unknown and famous. For most of us going from unknown to being famous or at least well-known — takes time. There are ways that you can speed up your rise to fame but that we will discuss later. For now let us discuss the benefits of being unknown.

The time, when you are not well known in your society or the world, is a blessing in disguise. Let us explore.

You get to live a simple life

Celebrities and famous people lead a tough life. They have to dress a certain way, speak after thinking. Think about the pressure on President Obama while working on a speech on security or financial policy. It is good to be mindful when you talk but it is OK to live a life simpler than the president of a country or a famous star.

You get to practice your craft

Fame and success is mostly attained on the basis of some skills or art. Skills take time to perfect. Writing every day improves your writing muscles. Same goes for those planning to become professional speakers. This is also true of actors, performers, players and people in different professions.

When you become famous you need time to manage fame so better you take time to practice your craft when you are still not on the public radar.

You get time to create a strong mind-body foundation

Mental fitness goes hand in hand with physical fitness. Use your time before being famous to work on body so that you are able to easily cope up with the demands of being famous.

Better chance to create real bonds

When you become a celebrity a lot of people will call you their friend. In such a situation it is not easy to find who your real friend is. Before that your chances of finding a true friend are comparatively higher. So take this time to develop strong bonds the ones you will be able to cherish for long time to come.

Whatever stage of life you are I am happy to be your friend.

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  1. Ranjani Jha

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    Hoping, God is helping you from every corner of the universe.

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  2. Rihana

    This article is very nice…

    I know it is better to be unknown..But Mohit I would like to know more about you so that it can be inspiration for us, write some article about your personal life and family, I do not happen to find any to know you better.

  3. Mohit Pawar

    Thanks Rihana for liking and writing.

    Read these for starters.

    These articles touch about my beliefs and background, what I love and care for.

    If you want to know more, feel free to connect at

    Keep coming back.

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