Fear drives what we do.

It also drives what we do not do.

People stay stuck in a dead job because they think it is the best they can get.

People also leave jobs and jump on to entrepreneurial bandwagon because they fear not making the best use of their life’s potential.

People do not say “I love you” because they fear being rejected.

People say “I love you” because they fear regretting — not saying it at the right time – for their entire life.

People spend plastic money like crazy because they fear getting old and regret not having fun while they could.

People also save fearing that they may not have enough when they get old.

People do not go out and travel to unknown places because they fear falling ill or being robbed.

People also go out and travel because they fear not exploring and seeing the world enough.

How are you using fear — to go out or stay at home? To take action or avoid taking action?

The bigger question – is fear the best emotion to be driven by or you’d be better driven by an emotion like hope or happiness?

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  1. Naweed


    That’s a wonderful post highlighting both the optimistic and pessimistic views towards fear.

    There actually is a thing called ‘too little fear’; that’s a sign of boredom.

    To take up something as thrilling as sky-diving, we need to take that extra step to change our perspectives about fear.

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