New Work Essentials

smiling_at_work21st century worker carries gadgets (laptops, mobile phones), printed documents, books, toiletries, keys, wallets to work. Some carry lunch, eatables and an overnight traveler. Most of these are essentials. One cannot imagine going to work without these.

Then there are those things which will not stop you from going to work; but if you carry those — it will make a difference in your productivity, relationships and happiness at work. I call them “New Work Essentials”. Let us see what they are.

Smile: This is easy and simple. When you arrive at work smiling, you tell yourself that you are happy being at work. This is one way of tackling Monday morning blues. If you are in a leadership role then it also inspires your team. They also smile and it brings same good effects for them as it does for you.

Do not only smile in the morning — keep smiling during the day. Smile attracts people naturally. It is a way of telling people that you appreciate their presence. Go one step ahead — and show your teeth (meaning laugh) couple of times a day. This will give your facial muscles much needed exercise — better that frowning.

Knowledge: Knowledge helps you shine. It is both your armor and arsenal. People use it to make an impression. Better if you use it to excel at work and help others. That sort of impression lasts long. Knowledge also helps you stand apart from the crowd; because not everyone focuses on learning. Most of the people just learn enough to pass through the days, months and years at work.

It will be with you everyday — if you take time regularly to read, attend trainings, work. You also attain knowledge when you listen to people who have been there and done that.

Hope: People love those who give hope. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Mother Teresa — all gave hope in some form. Their impact on humanity has transcended time. There is no harm following greatness. Give people hope that they can do better. Don’t you think each one of us has the potential to become better day by day?

When you get into this mode — everyone will love you. People will be keen to be in your company. Give clients, customers and colleagues hope by sharing the opportunities of growth. You can transfer these feeling to a large group of people through company newsletter or blog. You can also do this in person through partner meets and company Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Give colleagues hope in the time of despair (like a looming deadline) — by offering your hand or brain for some time. Do not become their crutch but do it if they genuinely need you. Tell friends at work that you will be there for them whenever they need you. Do not make false promises; but keep it when you make it. Give people hope by leading from the front and serving others if that is need of the hour.

Come to work with hope that you will be able to make a positive difference to the work at hand and also in lives of people that you meet.

Gift: Bring gifts along. Gift a thought, an article that is relevant for people. Gift them joy; it can be shared in various forms. I used to do this many years back — 2003 if I remember right. I used to carry candies, lots of them, every morning to my workplace. My teammates used to look forward to it. Each one of them had their favorite and I kept that in mind while buying. It was sheer joy to have them all enjoying these candies. To many it may look as something which one can do without. My fellow personal finance bloggers may look at it as an item that can be removed from daily expenditure list. But to me — it was opportunity to be happy while seeing others happy.

Blessings: Come to work with blessings of those who love you. It can be your parents, guardian angel, Mother Nature — whoever you are connected at a deeper level. You will feel protected and be relaxed. This will help you let go. You will be able to stop worrying about future, business, clients, reports, appraisals and focus well on work.

Can-do-it Attitude: Come with an attitude that tells you that you can do it. It will help you — just do anything that you aim to do. Be calm and cool about it. Be gently confident — not need to show off. People will feel it if it is there.

Come with something to give. Give help to those in need, advice when asked for, a hand to those who are falling. Hope, knowledge, love, joy — whatever you can. It will make a difference in the day of those who experience it and in your own life.

Carry all these new essentials to work every day — whether you stay at workplace or go out to meet people. This will put you in a different league.

Do you try any such things? Have you been doing without even realizing it?

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