How to ensure success. (no, the secret is not enough practice)

putting-up-a-performanceYou need to put up a performance to succeed.

The size of the stage does not matter.

Practice matters – but not too much – if you do not show up.

If you are singer, stand up (or sit) and sing  in front of your family.

Move on to singing in front of your friends –> college stage –> bigger competition –> even bigger.

Aim for the stars.

The key is moving up and not sticking to stage where you start – move on to a bigger arena.

If you are developer – put your product in front of some users. If it is  interesting – some of these  initial  users will act as your  evangelists.

Kevin Systrom (Instagram founder) put his prototype in front of some friends without any design or branding elements.Instagram eventually became big – so big that Facebook decided to buy it for 1 billion dollars.

If you are a parent reading this – encourage your kids to put up performace and hold their hands while they move on to bigger arenas.

Put up a performance as often as you can.

Learn from your mistakes and feedback. Rinse and repeat.

But unless you show up – you will not find out where is it that you are lacking or where you have room to  improve.

So do it – whatever you want to succeed at – in front of an audience.

Write, if you are a writer.

Call prospects or write emails to potential partners, if you are building a business.

If you aim to become a better communicator, start talking to those who are willing to listen to you.

Do something important that equals putting a performance.

Day after day – success (as you define it) will come closer.

Makes sense, now get ready.

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