Do good to feel good.


Do good to feel good.

It will serve you well.

It is also good for people around you.

One deed at a time, one person at a time.

Smile at people.  Be nice to them, when you can.

Help somebody in need – even when they do not expect you to.

Help a co-worker learn something you know and she needs.

Do it for a friend who runs a business.

Volunteer for work (without pay).

Do something that makes you feel good.

Why do it?

Because most of us – You and I do things so that we can feel good in the end.

You go to work – because you want to earn more money – to feel good and be happy in the end.

Same about buying new clothes or a new car.

You go out – even when you have enough money or you do not have much; because you want to feel good.

Will you be happy after you make your target amount – or  long after you watch that movie? Think about it.

Fact is – happiness or feeling good – does not cost money.

A good deed can make you happy.

Over time it will add up and spill over.

People you help will start doing good deeds for others and it will spread.

Check out this video to see this in action.

And this one of Simon Sinek talking about it.

In life – everything may not be perfect like a movie. But your efforts with right intention will not go waste – DO GOOD with this belief.

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