My Parallel Path Experiment…. Your chance to Win an Amazon Kindle and more.

Between July 8th and July 28th, I will be running my  parallel path  experiment.

If you try it, you can do juggling on one foot.

If you try it, you can do juggling on one foot.

What is this Experiment about?

(Details like how to join and get a chance to win prizes are towards the end of this post).

During this experiment I will limit the time to work on my passion project(s).

The idea is to work like someone who,

  • goes to office everyday and works fixed hours, or

  • has a significant responsibility like being a mother/homemaker, or

  • is a student and thinks she can’t work because of study pressure

The reason (or excuse) that most people give in above situations – to not follow their heart – is their apparent lack of time.

Through this experiment, I want to prove (to myself and to anyone who cares about their dreams) that if we use our time well and if we really care – then we will find time to do what matters.

What will I be using this time for?

To read, write and reply to reader emails and the ones I get from other important folks in my life.

Normally I do it in the morning, throughout the day and late in evening which amounts to 4-5 hours a day.

During the experiment – and hopefully once it is over – I aim to limit my time for these activities in morning and evening only. I will still write back on business and work emails during the day but no personal emails – from friends and readers during this time. No writing for my blog and other activities that do not pay me directly.

It helps to have a single goal that is important for you. Even better if it is linked to a bigger goal.

My single goal is the upcoming “How to Start a Business” blog post series.

It will be tough for me – to limit my personal project work hours to this small window.

Anyways – I want to walk the talk. When I say it possible to run on a parallel path and make something useful that can change your life – I mean it will all my heart. This is my way to show that it works. I will do it by being a living proof of that promise.

Believe me now or after the trial is over that you do not need need tons of time to live your dreams and make more money – that it is possible to do it while you work in a job or raise children.

How will I do it?

I will use time more efficiently, and take some of my own medicine about being more productive. Will batch emails, which is simple and effective.

This way I can get 10-15 hours (25 if I stretch) to work on things that matter.

It is a small window. But something which in my mind can give anyone a chance to create a side hustle – that can become your main thing – within next 12-18 months if you do it right.

What is Parallel Path?

Hope you know what we are talking about. I am not talking about electrical parallel path. To know more check out this post – where I introduced the concept of a creating a parallel path in life.

Why Parallel Path?

Many of us are risk averse.

People tell me (write to me) all the time – about how much they hate their job and how they want to live the life they dream.

There are homemakers who want to start something but do not do it. I tell them to go do it. Almost always comes the reply, “But Mohit, where is the time to do all this.” Then I talk about making time. After which there is a long silence and no action.

This is not about money.

Parallel Path is about doing the work you love. You can make good money when you do what you love; but it is not about only money making pursuits. You can use the idea to live your other dreams like learning music, dance or a new skill.

What is in it for you?

You get on a path which will take you closer to your dreams. [<– BIGGEST BENEFIT]

You also get a chance to win prizes including a brand new Amazon Kindle. Can hold 1000+ books and lets you buy and read your favorite book instantly.

You may be anywhere in the world. If you participate and fulfill criteria – you will get your prize.

I encourage you to join. If prize motivates you to do it – that’s cool. Join anyways. I will be happy for you.

Here is what the winners will get,

1st winner will get an Amazon Kindle

2nd Winner will get any 2 books of her choice (from 3 books mentioned below)

3rd Winner will get any 1 book of her choice (from 2 books mentioned below)

As a winner you get to choose from these 3 books.

1. Choose Yourself by James Altucher (An old reader? you likely remember this interview with James)

2. Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

3. First 20 hours. How to Learn Anything … Fast! by Josh Kauffman

No. 1 and 2 are books by super awesome friends – equally amazing books. 1 about living your dreams, 2 about – entrepreneurship, book number 3 is an exciting book about learning anything fast.

How can you join and win?

1. Post a comment saying that you will be running your own parallel path experiment.

(Does not matter what age, gender or nation you belong to)

2. Blog about it – between now and July 15th. Mention your goal that you will try to accomplish during July 2013.

(If you don’t have one, go to – free to join and start – or any similar service – tumblr, blogger. Start your blog – it takes less than 2 minutes and write about your own parallel path experiment. If you link to this post I will be happy but it is not a condition to be a winner.)

3. Email me the link of your blog post.  You can also tweet it to me @mohitpawar.

4. Between July 28th and 31st – write a post on your blog and send me the link (email or tweet) about what you accomplished during this experiment.

5. I will announce the winners here – as an update and also on my facebook. Winners will also get an individual email.


How will the winners be decided?

Winner will be based on what goal you set for yourself and what you accomplish. This is not about me. This is about YOU. So set a goal that you feel comfortable about. Setting a small goal is ok – but do not undersell yourself on your potential. If you need help while you are at it. Feel free to write to me.

The key is to announce something that you wanted to do for a long time and do what it takes to finish it.

My single goal is to write more than 20 blog posts about starting a business.

You can start with a big or small passion project.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Though Parallel Path is about career growth at the core. But if you want to use your experiment to focus on other areas of your life, it is fine. With this is mind – I have included ideas focused on different dimensions of life.

Career/Personal Growth/Money

  • Start a blog

  • Write 50 words a day.

  • Write 3/5/7 new ideas for a business or improving your life every morning

  • Read 1/2/3 page(s) from a book every day.

  • Write the outline for your book

  • Simplify life



  • Go out twice a week and hang out with friend – important if you work at home

  • Go out on a weekend date – with your partner/spouse. Find one – if you still searching 🙂

  • Write 1 letter/email every week to a friend

  • Say “I Love You” to 4 people who matter in your life

Focus on a part of your life and dreams – that is neglected.

Who can participate?

Everyone (except my family members).

Friends are most welcome. Many of my friends read my blog – and many of blog readers are now friends. So without them this experiment will have not be very fulfilling.

Can you get help to accomplish your goal and run your parallel path experiment?

By all means.

Help – to give and take – is good. It helps you and others grow.

My upcoming start your own business series in August 2013 intends to be share all that you need to start your first business and scale it. I want to make it as good as someone holding your hand and telling you how to do it.

Already bunch of friends and awesome folks are helping me decide on the what to include in the series. If you want to help or need help in your experiment – post in comments.

I am looking for help with reading drafts, know more about the challenges of starting a business, early reviews. If you can help with this – please post in comments below.

Like my no metrics experiment, I will report what I accomplish or don’t during the experiment.

Let us get the party started.

I look forward to see you join in comments with your thoughts and ideas 🙂

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  3. Rahul Joshi

    Great inspiration Mohit! I took this opportunity to start on learning a new language which I always wanted to do but did not get to it. I have stated a goal towards that goal on my blog.

  4. Jigyasa

    Awesome this one is….I just finished reading this post and since I am away I will still start a quickie from the list…..will share how it goes!

    As for now, All the very best for this.

  5. Prarthna

    This is a wonderful article Mohit..Thank you for sharing the mantras. :). I have begun working towards my goal and thanks to you the journey looks good.

  6. Anil Kuppa

    Though I have come in late, I would like to run my parallel path experiment. I would email it to you. The point is not winning, but getting into the habit as some people say 😛
    Apparently, I love reading James Altucher’s blogposts. As some people say, one thing leads to another. I stumbled into Vinaya’s blog ( when I had a query on personal finance. I later won a contest in that site and received a book “I’ll teach you to be rich”. This led me to subscribe to his(Ramit Sethi) blog and mailing list, which then led me to James Altucher.
    Without digressing further, the point is I’ve always been trying to do things, but I end up only reading things rather than doing. This post of yours will prod me now into doing .


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  8. sheila

    Hey Mohit,

    Just popping in to say I love this concept! Going to give the PPE a go in August.
    Looking forward to seeing your results.

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