Give wings to your dreams

wings of dreamAs a kid I dreamt of becoming a business tycoon.

I also fancied becoming a film director, a professional shooter, a marine, a monk, preacher, a model, a singer, a hip-hop artist and a professional speaker (list continues…) at different times in my life.

All these were no big secrets as my family used to hear me talk about these dreams. Close friends also knew about these.

As I look back I have always tried to give wings to my dreams and found success in varying degree.

A desire to see my dreams becoming true, seeing my father run his business and accompanying him during business negotiations and transactions at early age may have fueled it.

I became an entrepreneur while still in my teens and later went to film school, became a DJ (disc-jockey), currently speak professionally to varied audiences, and continue working on becoming a better writer.

My love of Yoga took me to touch the feet of Revered Pattabhi Jois of Mysore and later learn with Swami Vidyananand at Aurobindo Ashram.

Being a singer is limited to singing for friends and family. Last I sang on a stage was at my alma-mater’s annual fest. I can sing to save my life but do not think I can make it professionally.

I will cut my story short here. Now let us talk about us — You and I.

Let us be realistic – not everything we dream becomes a reality; but with time we figure out a bit about ourselves and our lives’ purpose. At times we find the purpose of life through working on our dreams.

Like me, you must be having some dreams. You have the right to keep these a secret; but would you not be happy if your dreams became a reality?

Remember that it is important to have a dream but it more important to work on bringing these dreams to life.

How can we do it?

It may not be easy but it is simple.

1. You will need to work at it

Are you ready for that?

Be sure in your heart that you really want to do it.

Thinking about ideas is one thing, executing them is different. It often calls for (hard) work. Be ready to slog if the need be and take time out of whatever you are doing currently.

You will also need good chunk of motivation and determination. Reading about and meeting those who have made their dreams true will help.

2. Do not wait for too long

Some dreams may take more work than others.  Learning to draw cartoons is something that is manageable at almost any stage n life; but if you want become a professional athlete then you need to start early. Same is true if you want to teach entire world to read and write.

Earlier you start the better. It gives you an opportunity for course correction. When you start early chances are that your dream will pave the way for your work.

3. Be realistic and stay focused

None of us can work at 10 things at a time. So pick the one that is closest to your heart and get on to doing it. It will increase your chances of success manifold.

Do not spend all your time dreaming if that is not what you are paid for. Take time to act in direction of your dreams and stay on course.

Try to see the reality before you begin — not everyone who takes the shot at becoming a top actor will become one. But that should not stop you from trying to become one. Do it because you want to do it not because your friend wants to do it. Better base your inspiration on real life than on any movie.

4. Keep your dream in sight

Record your dreams if you really want to live them. Put them in notebook before you start working on them. When you write something it stays with you and you can get back and look at it.

The ones that are on your priority list should be all around you — notebook, posters, and your computer screens.

5. Dare to be different

Not all your dream will sound realistic to people. Be cool with it. If your heart tells you to do it — just do it — do not wait for the stamp of approval from peers or society. You may be labeled as a rebel. People will call you a visionary when you succeed; many naysayers will at least come and shake hands with you then. How will you feel in such a situation?

6. List the resources

Make a list of resources that will take you close to your dreams – time, money and skill set. List what you already have and plan to fill the gaps.

Money has stopped being a deterrent. If your dream is running a business — then you sure need it to operate and scale but not a lot of it to start-up.

I was still a student when I started my first business. I wrote the promotional copy myself and invested my pocket money to get the pamphlets printed and get the billboard painted (yes, it was not very long back but still I had not heard of digital signage or digital printing by then).

When I enrolled into film school I used to schedule my meetings and work around classes. Similarly for DJing — I planned months ahead to find a stretch of around 3 weeks to work with my coach.

While learning Yoga with my Guru, I used to reach ashram (the place where he taught) at 5:30 am in Delhi winters, every week day — most of the days there will be only three students — a traveling French student who stayed at ashram and another student who stayed close by.

I spent endless hours learning to code because I really wanted to.

People find time when they want to go on a date, meet with friends and go watch a movie.

The gist is you will find time for anything you — REALLY — want to do.

7. Respect yourself

You are a unique individual with a unique destiny.

This is the attitude and belief you need when you work on your dreams and important things in your life.

I believe in you. Do you?

Know that when your dream comes to life – you will be happier and more satisfied than you were earlier. Anything that you put your heart and soul into — will give you desired fruits — not in the exact shape and size that you envisioned but fruits nonetheless.

8. Visualize

Try and visualize that you are already living your dreams. Close your eyes and do it. It works.

Are you ready?

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  1. Puneet Arora

    Hi Mohit,

    How wonderfully you write and express ,,,,,, its simply beautiful.
    I am gonna be fan of yours man. Good Luck for Good Work.

    It’s realy nice. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Puneet Arora

  2. Manasi Goyal

    Hi Mohit !

    You have re-iterated through this article that those who dream get to their purposeful path of life sonner or later. Yet I feel people feel scared to dream out of their comfort zones of life . They are trend followers and trend changers !

    Very inspiring, motivating and re-winding the life wheel kind of article. Am onset on my mission to inspire my ecosystem and be happier with things around me.

    Got Launched !! 3 cheers to you for this piece.

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