Take time to be still

stillnessWe spend a lot of time moving — traveling to and from work, running errands, mingling with friends, family and colleagues; playing, working out and doing random chores.

Movement is good. It is a sign of life.

Our movement varies depending on our state of mind. When our minds are ruffled, our movements are same. When our mind is at peace it shows in our movement.

It is better if we move through our days with a sense of harmony. Such movement can be achieved by taking time to be still. It is important in today’s world when there is a lot of focus on movement and where being a workaholic is often seen as a matter of pride.

Being still helps

We ought to live through days and take time to work, sleep and do what needs to be done but should also take time to be still. Let us see how being still helps.

  • Stillness is when one creates.
  • Thinking, writing, drawing, meditation, planning everything needs you to be still.
  • When you are still you become better aware of your surroundings.
  • Stillness also helps you open up and lets you accept the wisdom of the world.
  • Being still is also important to achieve harmony and peace within.

There is an oasis of peace within each one of us. We need to practice stillness to take a dip into this oasis.

How to practice being still?

You may initially find it little boring but once you practice it you will start enjoying it.

  • Accept that there is value in being still.
  • Take time everyday to be still, mornings are a good time. Sit still first thing in morning after you get up. You may also take couple of minutes during the day to take a deep breath and sit still.
  • The practice begins by sitting still. You need not force silence or stillness or try to meditate. Just sit still with your eyes wide open. Do nothing else.
  • With time you will become better.

Wish you all joy, peace and harmony within.

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