It is about You!

you_are_lovedThrough my writing I keep on sharing different perspectives with you. My writing is there to motivate you and give you a glimpse into what has worked for me and what has not.

Your growth can come through my ideas but not until you act.

Your action is more important than reading what I or somebody else writes.

So my friend — make something before you read what I have written.

I love when you come here, appreciate my effort and share your thoughts. But I will be happier if you read, get inspired to take action, build things, inspire others and make your life and many more lives better.

Writing is my way of reaching out to the world. How are you planning to reach out? Through a new web application, your writing, your work for the community or something else?

And by the way, my world is not filled of ideas only. It has a good dose of action in it — building things, connecting with people, working on and with start-ups, and helping people who make things – and making a difference.

How are you shaping your life? How are you making   a difference? Are you ready to build your experience, your portfolios and make an impact?

You are here to write the story of your own life and not mine.

So, good luck. I am all for your growth and success. Happy to help.

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