How I started to love laziness and stopped killing myself over it.

For years – as a teen and well into college days –  I was too ashamed if somebody came home and found me sleeping during daytime.

I could not accept sleeping during daytime or being lazy as a socially acceptable behavior :).

It took many years, a decade to realize that it was cool to sleep late and to take a nap.

Lazy Day

Lazy Goodness

This makes me realize that at times we are too harsh on our own self.

There may be days when you need to push yourself. Times when you need to hustle.

Then there are times when we just need to chill and not work. Perfect time for laughter, play and experiencing  silence. Times when we can go with the flow.

Personal downtime is different than system downtime. When a system is down people can’t get the work done.  Whereas personal downtime (I also call it Lazy Goodness, don’t know why) makes you more effective.

As I write this, following lines by .. a Rabbi I guess … come to mind.

Have you looked up at the sky today?

………. let me ask you now: How come you are so busy and preoccupied that you don’t even have time to look up at the sky?

Good to remember this, in times  when people those who have it – food, opportunities – have too much of it.. then there are others who are starving. We have more news and information that ever –  more than what human brain can handle even if it wants to.

Makes sense to look at what is beautiful, appreciate good things around us and give a part of us – to the world to make it a better place while we are here and after we are gone. Later we can get on with work as always.

Today I woke up without all these thoughts, a little late than usual and then got into bed for another hour of sleep. I do this to slow down .. so that I can give my best to what matters – later. I am not ashamed to enjoy my lazy moments.

How do you feel about being lazy? About deliberate downtime?

Share your story in comments.

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  1. Tabitha Sparks

    Hey Mohit,

    Thanks for honest account of what goes inside your mind,
    much better than plain vanilla do this and do that. Lovin’ it…

  2. Jigyasa

    Lazy Goodness is also important to avoid System Downtime!

    We must take breaks, get lazy and have fun.

    And it is pure pleasure sometimes – just to look at the sky 🙂

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