6 Ways I Come Up With Content Ideas

Since Jan 1, 2019, I have been publishing a post on this blog every single day. 

That’s 1257 days of publishing a post every single day.

Since Jan 1, 2022, I have also been posting on Twitter daily.

Those who know me ask how I can regularly publish despite work and other responsibilities.

My simple answer is for me; everything is an opportunity to find ideas for content I can create.

Here are six ways I come up with ideas for content.

1. Through conversations

This post started by replying to a tweet.

I then turned that reply into this tweet.

And then turned the tweet into this post you are reading.

2. By looking at problems and solutions at work

I wrote this post on remote and hybrid work because a founder whose company I advise on growth asked me this question.

This one on email marketing is based on an email marketing audit I did for another startup.

3. From what I read, watch, and listen to, but mostly what I read

I have developed this muscle so much that it is rare for me to read anything now and not come up with ideas for my content.

4. From thinking about how I will approach something differently

For example, through my work with publishers and authors, I know it takes a long time to write and publish a quality book. 

When the time came to write my second book, I only had a couple of months to put it together.

I thought of novel ways to do it and did it. Then I wrote this short post on how I completed the first draft of The Digital Marketing Handbook, a 400 pages book in a little over a month.

This post on building a new career in three hours a day came up the same way.

5. Based on what I have done

I wrote this post to share my writing process.

And I have written many more like that.

6. From what I am learning

Like this popular Twitter thread, I write on the art of interviewing.

I wrote this based on an interesting conversation I was part of.

I hope this gave you an idea about how to come up with content ideas.

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