10x Growth Is Within Your Reach. Here Is How

Start small to accomplish your 10-year goals in 10 months.

First, compress your 10-hour work day into 5 hours.

Then go for 4 hours.

Then aim to compress into 3, then 2 hours.

Continue until you compress it into 1 hour.

Leverage the proven, eliminate, automate, delegate plan.

Eliminate anything that does not impact your goals or what you do.

Automate what you can’t eliminate.

Delegate what you can’t automate.

You’ll free up a lot of time in your days.

Don’t rush to fill this time.

Learn to get bored.

Also, use this time to learn, explore and ideate.

Through it, you’ll get ideas to help you accomplish your 10-years goals in 10 months.

It may take weeks or months, but you’ll get on the path and eventually get there.

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