Three Hours a Day Is All You Need To Execute Big Plans. Here Is How To Go About It

Think about it for a moment.

3 Hours/Day x 1 Year  — is all you need to find your footing and establish yourself in most industries

Whether it is,

  • Making a living as a creator
  • Prepping for a leadership role
  • Launching yourself into a new career
  • Practicing something you always wanted to get good at

How you spend those three hours makes all the difference.

  • 1x time to learn
  • 1x to apply
  • 1x to teach (to solidify learning)

1x can be 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

For best results, do it often and learn, apply, and teach simultaneously.

Don’t have an audience to teach yet?

Document your learning and share it in public.

If you are on your own, this is easily doable.

And, if you are busy with a job or gig, it is still doable if you have a solid reason to do it.

Give it a shot. All your dreams and wishes are within reach if you take a few hours daily.

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