Remote, WFH, or Hybrid? Finding What Is Right for Your Business

As things change from what they were in 2020 and 2021, offices are opening up, and companies have started calling employees into the office.

But some businesses have found their happy place in remote work because it saves both time and money.

And, if you are not a high-growth startup seeking 10% week-on-week growth, remote work is a viable and effective option.

Most employees want to work remotely because they have settled into a new lifestyle where they are no longer attached to their location.

But some have not moved out of their homes for two years, and now, for sanity, they want to go to the office. Many such employees are not tuned into the idea of remote work, need self-discipline, and want to return to the office because they can’t work from home anymore.

Pain and confusion are real. But the solution is not too tough.

For most businesses, a hybrid model where the team works out of an office once or twice a week will work.

Of course, costs will increase for those who had canceled their lease and closed offices and had the entire team working from home, but the employee morale will be up, which is vital for a functioning business.

And if you run a business where only a tiny fraction of employees want to come back to the office, then find a replacement for those employees. This way, you’ll continue saving the money you would have spent on the office, and everyone will be happy working from home.

For deciding on this and finding your way out of the usual people issue, I’d suggest the founder or CEO does a simple people happiness and capability audit by listing info across the following fields.

  • Name
  • When they started
  • Responsibilities
  • What they are doing right
  • Where they are lacking 
  • What is their view about office/remote work
  • Do they crib about anything, are they unhappy about anything / is it recent or ongoing
  • Why is that (where we are lacking – what it is about them)
  • Salary – are they happy with what they paid
  • Usual hours they work
  • Do they deliver things on time
  • What do you think they are lacking
  • Do you think – you have to do part of their job – yes/no
  • If yes, why and how can you resolve the situation by replacing, training, or coaching
  • What do you think will solve this situation

Add the above to a spreadsheet. There is no need to go deep. 1-2 sentences max where you need to explain; in most cases, a few words will work for you to review the situation objectively.

I hope this helps you gain awareness of your situation and find ways to build a happy and efficient team.

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