How To Become an Idea Machine

Ideas are powerful.

You can become an idea machine.

You can even become an idea mogul.

Here is how:

By forcing yourself to come up with new ideas.

Think of a random topic and write ten ideas.

  • Ten names for your next book
  • Ten ideas to get funding for your startup
  • Ten ideas to be a fitter person

Write anything that comes to your mind.

In the beginning, you will find it hard to come up with ideas.

When you do it consistently for 30 days, you’ll start having many ideas.

Ideas won’t stop coming into your mind and you will become an idea machine.

At this point, most of your ideas will be not-so-good.

To get better, consume quality content and meet exciting people actively.

Make sure your content consumption is from diverse sources and topics and interaction is with interesting people from different fields.

In 30 days, you’ll start having better ideas, ideas worth turning into something.

As soon as you have such an idea, commit to working on it for the next 100 days.

Repeat until you build something worthwhile out of your idea, and you’ll become an idea mogul a person who turns their ideas into riches.

Good luck with it.

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