This is Post 1,000, in a Row

This is the 1000th daily blog post that I have written on this website.

There are more, the ones that I wrote earlier. 

But I wrote 1000 in a row, day after day.

I am happy to not have missed a day in the past 3 years or so. 

All this is delivered free. 

You can get it at no cost by subscribing to email updates, like thousands of other subscribers.

There are no ads. No guest posts, obviously because it is a personal blog.

I write everything that I publish. No outsourcing.

One big reason, I can continue with it, because I gave myself permission to suck.

And, through it gems appeared. I experienced a breakthrough and got an idea for my next book. If I gained nothing else from this, this will be valuable enough. 

But I have gained more. The blog has given me opportunities, built connections, and helped me stand out. It has been a fulfilling journey.

This blog contains more than half a million words, the equivalent of eight to ten full-length books. 

I blog about what I am thinking, what I observed, what I learned, and also about what I’d like to learn. 

I often blog my answers to what people ask about. Often after answering someone’s question, I update the answer to make it well-rounded and send the person a link to the blog. Documenting such answers on the blog helps me because next time when someone asks me a similar question, I can just send them the link to the blog.

I write for myself first. To keep me disciplined. But I also write to help, to inspire others to provoke. I also hope that this blog will serve as a repository of my mind so that I can come back to see what I had been thinking about at a certain point in my life.

I have written even in times when no one except friends and family. But seeing this blog read by more than half a million people makes me happy. So thank you for reading, and being here every day.

I have compiled a series that can be your starting point if you want to start a business, write a book, and there are more. There is also this collection of long-form content, a series of my self-growth experiments. Some posts are more popular than others like this one on becoming a millionaire, but even lesser read posts seem to create value.

There are also these collections on entrepreneurship, writing, and productivity.

I value the act of writing, learning, and growing deeply and am grateful that I get an opportunity to write for you every day.

Thanks for being part of this journey.


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