Entrepreneurship 101: Starting up and beyond

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”

– Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Enterprises

Do not make a missed opportunity, your reason for not starting as an entrepreneur. Think of a new idea and start.

Read this, if you are a young entrepreneur and/or still a student.

  1. Build a Startup as a student
  2. Starting early as an entrepreneur

Still sitting on the fence – to do or not to do – here is your crack.

  1. Ready to be an entrepreneur
  2. Solve big problems for big gains
  3. Billions through disruption

Already doing it?

  1. Overnight Success takes time
  2. Signs of opportunity
  3. Create a successful business
  4. Technology helps entrepreneurs
  5. 12 Ideas for business success
  6. Experience helps entrepreneurs
  7. How to accomplish big things
  8. How to retain clients?
  9. How to grow your business?
  10. Startup Success
  11. Stop leakage for growth
  12. Create a successful business
  13. Open letter to entrepreneurs and marketers
  14. Running after too many things?

On Pricing

  1. Premium Pricing
  2. Are you building a cheap business?
  3. How to charge more

More Ideas

  1. Entrepreneurs & Farmers
  2. What is a business?
  3. Big is powerful

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