Power of Self-Organized Challenges

Self-organized challenges make you intensely consistent.

They work great for getting out of a rut.

In 2019 and 2020 I did a series of such challenges and they worked great for me.

They got me started with daily writing and it brought me here

I didn’t do well with some of these challenges and still won.

My sister did 7 days, 7 new creations – challenge. She enjoyed it and turned it into 30 days of art challenge, and she made it a 100days of art challenge. And then, turned it into 365 days of art challenge and ended up creating 365 pieces of art in as many days. It worked wonders for her craft.

To implement it in your life, do a 100 days challenge.

If 100 sounds too daunting, do 30 in 30 days first.

It’s ok to start with 30 days challenge and make it a 100 days challenge if you enjoy doing it for 30 days.

So as a creator, you can do 100 days, 100 creations challenge.

As a salesperson – 100 meetings in 100 days – 

As a business owner – 100 pitches in 100 days. When I did it for 30 days, it got me a big client and opened a new market for me.

To increase social confidence – meet 100 new people in 100 days.

You can be creative and use it in any area of your life to build momentum and consistency, and grow.

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