A Plan for Being Productive

To be productive in any area of your life, one should be able to complete important tasks consistently.  

I am sharing a plan that has worked for me in the past.

So, this is what you can do to be productive.

Build systems. You can’t be productive with random action. Build systems in life, for basics but important things like, when you work, when you sleep, where you do it all. 

Don’t overload yourself. When you are working all the time, you can’t create quality and even the quantum of work suffers you create when tired or loaded cognitively. So use your systems so that you are not working all the time. Think about how you can do what you have to do in half the time.

Finish what you start. We all have things we started and didn’t finish. What if we finish all that we start? When we do that we end up – not losing – the time we do on unfinished projects.

Don’t dumb yourself down. Stop watching short-form videos and scroll through the feed, it makes us dumb and unhappy. And use that time to get stuff done.

Calm your mind. With a calm mind, it is easy to be productive. So do what calms your mind. Meditate, take a walk, or journal. Do what works for you.  

Do what you love. It is easy to be productive with something you love doing. We procrastinate when we don’t love what we do. If that is not possible and you have to do what you don’t love, then become really good at it, with sheer will and force. When you get good at something, it is easy to roll with it.

Do more than just set goals. Ask yourself what you can do to achieve those goals. What you can do and then put it into action.

Hope this helps you in being productive.

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