Sound of Silence

high-in-the-hillsI love silence.

I crave for it like a thirsty man craves for water.

To quench this thirst of mine, and take a break from mundane – around a week back I ended up high in the hills, so high that you can only use your feet and some tools to get there.

So there I was. With me and my silence and without that thing that makes the world go gaga …. our dear internet.

Now that I am back, I started reflecting about my experience … with the silence.

As I look back – I do not think there is any place in the world with true silence.

The experience that we call silence has its own sound. The sound of crickets, the sound of rain, the sound of sometimes scary thunderstorms, the sound of water stream with mud running down the hill – that sounds like it’s raining heavily – hours after it stopped raining.

I am not saying it is a bad experience – not at all. If you are the kind who will not miss getting in front of the the idiot box, and if you are cool getting your clothes soaked in rain – even after having a big umbrella open above your head; if you are fine with having your boots and socks drenched with cold water. Then go for it. No ride in a water park in a big city can match this experience. It opens up a new zone inside you.

But, the true silence can only be found inside our own self. If we get a chance to meet that silence, it has the power to uplift us and to ignite our inner light.

So now back on the plain turf, I will try to find that silence without sound.

What’s your story about silence, do you love it or hate it?


  1. sheila

    Hi Mohit,

    Loved this post. For me, silence is a pure space of clarity and connection. The peaceful sounds of nature are like a bridge to that space.

    Wonder why it’s a basic need for some and others don’t seemed to seek it?

    I’ve noticed more thirst for silence since the advent of the internet.

    1. Mohit Pawar

      Hi Sheila,

      I like how you see silence.

      You have raised an important and deep question – the answer is not simple as there can be many dimensions to it. If we try and explore the answer, one explain can be based on the concept of Guna – that explains a person’s tendencies.

      And you are right – advent of internet, and the rise of mechanical devices – have all contributed to cognitive load. May be we seek silence and solace to unload some of it. There is also something beyond it. If I try to take a peek in past – I see myself as a kid – who is not exposed to internet and modern day “cognitive load” and still loving – silence and solitude. I even wanted to be a monk during teenage.

      Thanks for sharing your mind 🙂 Your thoughts motivated me to dig deeper into this.

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  3. Nidhi

    Lovely post.. Silence helps to know oneself better. And savouring nature can truly help you in your search for silence.

    Well, experienced the fun of getting drenched in the rain, the sound of thunder, the lashing rain and as you walk the cold wind cuts your clothes. It was incredible.

    People call me crazy because even i just keep looking for silence everywhere. Lol.

    Keep writing.. 🙂

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