How to Stay Calm: Start With These 9 Simple Ideas

How to stay clam

Have you felt the need to stay clam of late?

Then try these simple ideas.

#1 Stop Trying

Stop worrying about becoming calm. Instead, learn to enjoy the current pace of your life and what you do.

Change if you really need to. If you think the pace is too slow, then increase it a bit. If you think you are going too fast then slow down or take a short break.

#2 Start Your Day With Silence

I understand the need to go to reach out for your cellphone after no mental stimulation for an entire night. But you will serve yourself better by embracing the silence and the calm that comes after a full night of rest and sleep.

When you start your day with silence, the calmness tends to stay with you. How long it stays, will depend on your current inner state or for how long you embrace silence.

If for some reason you rush as soon as you get up, to get ready for work or to get your kids ready for school then start waking up 5 minutes early to make time for silence.

Ever wondered why most of us crave silence so much more these days? It is due to constantly connected culture.

#3 Meditate

Do it first thing in the morning.

Start with the shortest time and the simplest method.

1 to 3 minutes is good to start.

Let me share how.

Sit with your spine erect. Put a thin pillow under your butt while you sit. It’ll make it easy for you to keep your spine erect.

Close your eyes and choose one of these two spots to focus – either the space between your eyebrows or area around your nostrils. I suggest starting with nostrils. Feel the breath going in and outside your nostrils.

Don’t change the point where you focus, pick one and stick with it. You can try both points for a while to see which one you enjoy more. Stick to the one you like better.

#4 Choose Action Over Thinking

Often times anxiety comes from not doing and just fantasizing about what life would be after. Avoid that and act instead. You’ll be calmer than you started after you get over initial anxiety.

#5 Limit Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant. When used in small quantity it can make you alert. An overdose can make you anxious. If you are anxious to start then avoid too much coffee or tea.

You’ll have to drink a lot of tea to reach the levels of caffeine in coffee. Still, it is possible to overdo tea. So, stick to 4-5 cups or less.

#6 Massage Your Body

As per Ayurveda, the ruffled thoughts come because of high level of ‘vata’ in body. An oil massage balances ‘vata’ and makes you calmer.

If you don’t have time for full body massage then massage your head only especially the area behind your ears. Warm sesame or mustard oil works the best.

#7 Sleep Or Take A Nap

Sleep is the best way to get respite from an endless stream of thoughts so sleep when you feel that you are not centered. If it happens during the daytime, then take a nap.

#8 Move and Play

We had stopped moving our bodies and going out in nature. Make time to take long walks in your local park. Even better if you can go for long hikes.

#9 Do What Makes You Calm

For someone it may be gardening, for others, it may be cooking or playing music.

Make whatever helps you stay calm, a part of your day. Instead of thinking of new tasks to make yourself calm, think about what you already do and enjoy. Then do more of it. It can be as simple as chopping vegetables or enjoying your morning cup of coffee sitting outside or in your balcony.Also important, once you get to a state of calm, don’t worry about holding on to that state. Instead, enjoy it.


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