One Small Milestone and An Interesting Offer at the End of this Post.

This is 250th post  on this blog.

It’s a work in progress, has been since 2005.

250th blog post

Thank You. Celebration Time!

Few baby steps brought me here.

I coded the early version of the site myself. Few years later dear Chugs took over with his design chops.

The story began when I transferred few posts from my old blog. Things were exciting for first couple of years.  Then mostly silent – until a reboot in 2010 started the party again. This was the time when I posted every single day of the month.

This has been an exciting journey.

It got me friends, connections and visibility. They were not the goals when I started. But there were times in between when I fell for the fancy. Not any more.

Blogging helps is an understatement. You must try it to experience it.

I write because I love writing.  I write because I can.

I write because you are here.

It is an awesome privilege to be able to write to for you.

I wish that next 250 comes quicker.

Hope that you will be here then, to share, to cheer, and to make we want to do it.

Now tell me your story in comments.

Are you a blogger? What got you started? How long you have been reading? How you reached here? Your favorite post. Any message?

Offer for You.

Here is the offer I talked about in the headline.

I will write a post (250 words)  for your blog. Whether your blog is old, new, popular, not popular does not matter. Cool.. if it is on a topic similar to what I write about. If it is not similar then share the link in comments and let me see. I will give my best shot to stretch myself even if it has a small connection.

[If you do not have a blog, I urge you to start one. Go to and get started. It’s free to start.]

Here is how it works. Post a comment here – Share your blogging story in 2-3 lines. More is welcome, also write the topic you want me to write about with a link to your blog. We will take it from there.

(Offer valid for comments that are posted between today and June 17th, 2013.)

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Jigyasa

    Hi Mohit

    Congratulations for the 250th post and wish you the next 250th at the earliest! And I hope I would be reading them too… favorites would be,

    How to Shine like a STAR?
    Can you keep secrets?
    Fear (I hope this is what it was titled)
    Interview with SETH GODIN
    The one which is a draft on NASSCOM Conference where you had talked about the Entrepreneurs…

    I am sure there are many more….but at once these are few which I could recall instantly for the word – ‘favorite’.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    For my blog….you will write, ok I am thinking!

  2. Rahul Joshi

    Congratulations Mohit on the milestone. Having started to blog just over a year ago now and realizing what it takes to have a constant thought process and putting them into words that connect with readers, in my mind this feat is remarkable.

    I landed up on your blog through a recent post from Derek Sivers whom I have been following for a while now and found his new initiative very interesting. I already have a few favorites on what I have read so far on your blog.

    Like my blog, my journey into entrepreneurship is also fairly new after having spent over a decade with large software corporations.

    One of the topics I have been thinking about lately is on how partnerships – in terms of share/sweat equity are determined for small enterprises. I have been on both ends in the past evaluating joining someone as a partner as well as getting someone on board as a partner. In all these cases they were not large public companies but more of small start ups who have been around for few years and are looking to expand.

    Would love to have your thoughts on it as a post on my blog if you see worth the time.

    1. Mohit Pawar

      Wow Rahul.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your journey so far.

      I wish that you go far with your blogging and entrepreneurial pursuits.

      Yeah, I will be happy to write a post on your blog.. the topic is really interesting and something lot of us experience when toying with the idea of entrepreneurship and later stages also. I will share it sometime this month, and connect meanwhile if needed.


  3. Laura D

    Hi Mohit,

    Congrats on your 250th blog posting milestone! You are one of the most motivated people I “know”! I found your blog not too long ago, and I am hooked – addicted. I not only enjoy your ideas, but I’m addicted to your energy. Your motivation and excitement is contagious! Thank you.

    Some of my favorite posts are: Your Entrepreneurship 101 series, 17 businesses you can start with little or no money, The Happiness Formula, Are You Building A Cheap Business, Best Use of time, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE …. Wake Up Excited Every Single Day Of Your Life! …Very Inspiring, I’m a fan.

    Yes, I am in the process of starting a Web-Blog-Forum type website for computer users. I kind of wanted it to be geared towards newbies, or mainstream users who want to become tech-heads. There are not many places (websites) out there for newbies to start, that would also attract the experienced techno-gurus (which I am assuming -where the traffic would come from).

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