Why I never became the monk who sold his Ferrari?


Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride!

I wanted to be a monk once. I may have been 12 or 14 at that time.

I used to picture myself sitting in a cave in Himalayas and learning from sages – like the ones I read in books by Swami Rama and Paul Brunton.

But my search went no further than reading about sages, daydreaming and learning yoga from a guru. The highlight of this search was touching the feet of Shriman Pattabhi Jois at his shala in Mysore.

Why I did not go on that path? Same old gap between ideas and action. I don’t even know whether I would have enjoyed that life.  I believe in destiny too but destiny also expresses itself through action. It is also better to  experience  and then quit than  quitting  in your mind like I did.

Thankfully my aspirations to become an entrepreneur and try other things did not end at idea stage only.

For many of us the desire to be an entrepreneur, an actor, or a writer, ends like my desire to be a monk. It only remains an idea that lives in their thoughts at times for an entire lifetime.

The biggest realization  I had over the years is that people do things for their reasons and at times people are plain lazy.

There is a chance that a person is in a dead-end job but does not do anything about it; because she is just lazy. Lazy to go out, talk to people and get what she needs – a new job.

The idea that market is bad or I do not have the right  skill-set  also emerges from lazy thinking. If you do not have skills then go acquire. Your market is bad? Look into other market.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need an idea, resources and a good dose of action. Add a ready product, market and paying customers – and you will make a start. If you do not have time, money or idea – there are ways to generate it. But the point is ideas are nothing, action is everything. Are you ready to take action?

More importantly do you really want to do it or is there something else?

By the way what was the color of Ferrari that the monk sold? Did he really sell it? Does it even matter?

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