How To Become A Millionaire

How to become a millionaire

So you want to become a millionaire?

To do it you need to become the kind of person who ends up with a net worth of a million dollars or more.

You need to develop a millionaire mindset.

You can go on the TV show with ‘millionaire’ in its name or win a lottery but I am not talking about that.

I am talking about the mindset. Here is what the mindset and habits of a millionaire are like.

  • He knows where he stands moneywise
  • He reviews his financial state on a regular basis
  • He makes a plan to reach his net worth goal
  • He gets to know those who have done it before
  • He doesn’t obsess about money. [Most of us  start wanting more money and that’s ok but this is not where we end. Eventually, it comes to making a bigger impact.]
  • He cares more about helping people through his work than making money
  • He knows that if he helps enough people get what they want, he will get what he wants
  • He doesn’t think about making a million dollars instead he thinks about helping a million people
  • He believes in 10x growth
  • He delegates or partners to get help with low value producing actions
  • He is not fearful about uncertainty
  • He starts new initiatives knowing well that some of them may not work
  • He does not rest on his laurels and keeps moving forward
  • He also keeps moving forward in the face of a setback
  • He is skilled at what he does
  • He is curious and not slow or lazy
  • He invests in what can make him money – knowledge, professionals, and assets
  • He makes time to learn new things
  • He invests time to get good at understanding money
  • He does not sell his time by the hour and when he does it it is for a big premium
  • He is protective of his time and believes in doing more than spending more time on work
  • He works with collaborators who complement his skills
  • He does not shy away from selling
  • He does his ‘one thing’ better than anyone else
  • He sees money as a way to create bigger better things than the ones that are out there
  • He takes care of his body
  • He does the hard important work first
  • He does not procrastinate on important work
  • He spends time every day doing what makes him money

Do you already practice some of these habits or you want to start? It is ok if you start with one or some of these habits.

Are you already a millionaire?

Then what will add to this?


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