Don’t Chase Goals, Become the Kind of Person Who Achieves Those Goals

Don’t aim to run a marathon. Become the person who is up early most days to practice and is careful about eating right and resting.

Don’t aim to write a book. Become the person who reads and also writes daily or several times a week, without missing two days in a row.

Don’t aim to be lean. Become the person who eats and sleeps right and moves her body everyday.

Don’t aim to go on a holiday without worrying about work. Become the person who delegates, automates, or eliminates everything that he can.

Don’t aim to make a million dollars. Become the person who makes money, a person who is creative, connects with people, invests in relationships, takes care of health and is self-reliant and knows she can have the opportunity she wants if she persists enough.

What else will you add here?

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