How To Achieve Success In Life

Success is born out of work, luck, opportunity, and awareness.

Luck and opportunity can be given to you, but you can also make your own luck and opportunity through work and developing awareness.

Let us look at each of these, one by one.


Let’s start this simple definition of luck.

I believe in luck. And, we can be lucky due to who our parents are, who we marry and also due to a series of ‘lucky’ coincidences. I’ll leave it here for now.

Let’s discuss other elements that can help us achieve success.


It is something that we all can do in varying degree depending on our ability, inclination, ambition, and habits. We are in total control here and will see amazing progress if we commit to getting 1% better every day.

Key is to break everything into micro skills and master it.


Opportunities are all around us. We need an eye and sense to see them as such. The more we work, learn and connect, the more opportunities we create. Opportunity also come to those who are ready to take them so work to get ready first.


Awareness of mind allows us to take advantage of the opportunity. Awareness also allows us to leave some options that look like opportunities but are not.

Awareness of our skills and risks involved in actions also allows us to take chances that have massive upside and low downside. Meditation helps us become more aware so do it if you are after success. It is not for monks only!

One of the richest men in the world, Ray Dalio (who also meditates) said this about investments:

“I learned that if I could have 10 or 15 uncorrelated bets, and they’re all about the same return, that I could cut my risk by 75% or 85%,” he added. “That would mean that I would increase my return to risk ratio by a factor of five through diversification.”

We can apply this in other areas of life to create our own luck and opportunity. But to come to that point we need to work to develop skills, intelligence, and awareness – in case we are not ‘born lucky’. Even then work and awareness can increase the scale of success.

Key to achieving success in life is to act when you can and work to develop awareness, create your own luck and be so good so that you find yourself in the middle of opportunities.

Hope you’ll take this chance on yourself.

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