Micro-skills: Be Good At Anything

Micro skills - you can use to be good at anything

We all have wishes and dreams.

Some of these dreams remain ‘dreams’ year after year.

We can live our dreams by looking at small parts that make the dreams instead of looking at them as one big word.

These small parts are micro-skills.

Micro-skills For Different Areas Of Our Life

If your dream is to do well at your job, then:

Instead of saying – I want to excel at work [= a promotion, a raise, or a faster path to C-suite]

Break what micro skills you need to do great at work.

Here are the micro skills that one needs to do well at work:

Knowing and doing what you are hired for, managing your boss, managing direct reports, how to be seen and heard, emotional stability, communication, time management, responsiveness, teamwork, ability to take feedback and implement it, and likeability.

After you list all micro skills, tick all that you are good at. Work at becoming good at others one by one.

We can apply the same to do anything worth our time. Be it work, fitness, family, business, writing, public speaking, sports, or music.

Key is to understand the micro skills you need to be good at a particular task.

Business micro skills are:

Sales, strategy, negotiation, hiring, managing employee, managing finances, raising funds, working with investors, partnerships. There are more depending on the type of business. A founder needs to juggle a lot of balls. This is why a co-founder and employees are important if you want to build a big business.

Book writing micro skills are:

Understanding of a topic enough to be able to explain it to others – you can get this understanding through research or experience), writing, storytelling ability to organize thoughts so that what you write flows from one chapter to the next effortlessly, resilience, editing.

Fitness micro skills are:

Watching what and when we eat, exercise, sleep – quality and quantity, managing levels of acid in the body, thoughts in our mind.

You can list micro skills for other areas of life and start striking one wish after another off your wishlist.

Your success rate and speed will vary based on what micro-skills you have and don’t have.

Are you looking to get good at anything specific? Let me know. I’ll be happy to break it into micro skills.


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