Diversify Your Sources Of Happiness: Here Is Why?

If you meet a financial planner she will likely tell you that you need to diversify your investments because over-reliance on one asset class is risky.

What if we implemented the same approach to happiness and reduced our over-reliance on one thing for our happiness.

Here Is Why This Is Important?

Because we are emotional beings.

And, most of what we do defy logic.

Those in love, rely too much on their partners for happiness.

Many of us, rely too much on our work, paycheck or the growth of business for our happiness and satisfaction.

Because a lot of people around us behave this way we think it is normal. But if we take a closer look it is obsessive behavior. It takes away the ability to look at life objectively. It can make us sick in the head. Later it can show on our bodies also.

The ill effects on this approach do not end here. When we rely on one thing for being happy or giving meaning to your life – we take ourselves away from the wholesomeness life offers. When we focus on one thing only, we tend to lose sight of the macro.

So, don’t put the burden of happiness on a relationship or work only. Find it across relationships with your parents, partner, friends, siblings. And find it in nature, experiences, hobbies, learning, society and most important within you.

And, you’ll live happily and fully ever after 🙂

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