What is the Purpose of Your Life?

purpose_of_lifeDo you feel overwhelmed sometimes, wondering how to cope up with the pressure that your job and life puts on you. Are you thinking of changing jobs to find interesting work and more money, hoping that more money and different work will bring happiness to your life?

If your answer to the above questions is yes then you are not alone. Most of us have experienced similar feelings at some point in our lives. I agree, more money can give you power to buy stuff. This stuff may result in short-term happiness for you; but this, at best, remains a temporary solution.

If you need eternal happiness, you need to take a different route. This route is known as a purpose-driven life. To get started on this route; first you will have to realize the purpose of your life.

Now, we arrive at the ultimate question. What is the purpose of your life? The best part is that you already know the answer. This answer is buried within you and you will have to dig it out. How will you do that?

Simply ask yourself, what is the purpose of my life? If this question is too complex for you; simply ask yourself what is it that you like doing;

  • Do you like reaching out to people?
  • Would you like to add more colors to the lives of people as a fashion designer?
  • Do you want to shape the lives of children of the world as a teacher?
  • Is it to serve and heal people?
  • Your purpose can also be creating wealth for self and members of society as an entrepreneur.

Most of us find these things by trial and error as life naturally progresses. But this process may be too long and sometime one’s life may end with unfulfilled desires. An ideal situation will be where you follow a proactive approach in finding something that you are passionate about.

So where do you start? Give yourself 20 minutes when nobody will disturb you and write every single thing that you like doing or would like to do in life. While you are writing, do not think about the money or effort it will take you to accomplish all that you are writing. Just write what comes to your mind.

Once you are through, select 10 things that interests you most.   Now think about your natural talents and finally pick 3 things that can be accomplished with the help of your these talents. All this while, please be aware that you should not think about the job or market potential of tasks you are writing. Just write because you think you have a natural talent to do it and you like doing it.

Now you have arrived at a list of 3 tasks that you like doing. You feel that you have some natural talent required to accomplish these 3 tasks. Now what? Give these tasks your 100%. Do justice to your final choice by nurturing it with time, money and other resources.

If you are working at a day job or studying at college; set aside a specific time of the day to work on these tasks. Devote this time regularly. If 3 tasks look like too much to manage, narrow it to 2 tasks.

While you are doing this realize that finding the purpose of your life is not an instant result exercise. It may take months or even few years before you can find your life’s purpose and devote all your energies to it.

On this path of discovering the purpose of your life, a time will come when you will be ready to make you life’s purpose as your full-time career. Once you know your purpose you are on the path of full potential. It is simple, when you do what you love doing, your energy levels are high and you are enthused to give your best. At this point, you will be able to create the magic, living a life that you love.

You may not get it right the first time but ultimately you will get it. When you will look back after few months or years you will be glad that you started on this journey of finding your life’s purpose. Consider yourself lucky if you can find something which you love doing early in your life.

Most of the times; we do not undertake such exercises because we fear that we may not succeed. But you will lose nothing by trying. After one year of practice you may realize that playing a piano is not your forte but this practice will give you enough skills to entertain friends and family. You will be satisfied with the possession of a skill that was not there with you earlier.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen and paper or reach out to your computer and start on the exercise of finding your life’s purpose.

Hope you attain a life that you deserve. My wishes are there for you.


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  4. Puneet Arora

    Hi Mohit,
    I like your article (What is the Purpose of Your Life?)
    It forces me to stop for a moment and think, am I at the right track ?

    Thanks to you; atleast I have got a feeling to think over the purpose of my life.

    GOOD LUCK for the GOOD WORK !!

    Thanks 🙂

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