My 5 words for 2012


5 words for 2012

Every year I decide on 5 words as my guideposts.

In 2011, these 5 words were  minimize, ship, love, act  and  help.

Life changes – with it perspectives and goals. My goals for 2012 are different than 2011  — so are my 5 words.

In 2012 the words that I plan to live by are  — simplify, celebrate, new, move and scale.

Read on for details.

1. Simplify.

Simplify the way I live.

Simplify the way I run (and build) my business(es).

Opt for a distributed work model, that allows freedom for me and people I work with. Only work with  customers and associates who are cool with this approach. To rest – say goodbye, love them still.

2. Celebrate

Celebrate each of 366 days in 2012.

I plan to do this;

By engaging in meaningful action.

And to enjoy everything I do. If I do not enjoy something, I don’t do it as simple as that.

It  also includes  doing nothing at times and enjoying such moments. I will begin with doing nothing for two full days every month and enjoy just lazing around.

By moving away from screen/s.

For our generation  it is more important because we can be glued to our screens and still think that we are living life to the fullest.

With Facebook and Twitter to some degree, taking over the lives of normal people it is important to remind yourself that real life is lived outside cubicles and away from digital screens (laptop, mobile, iPad).

By asking one important question.

Am I happy? If the answer is negative, do what it takes to be joyful and centred.

By working less.

Work for lesser number of hours than I have been working in 2011.

I will do this by practicing 4 x 4 and working to a schedule.

I do not count writing as work  — so less work will mean more writing for me.

I also plan to exit or not engage in businesses than require too much of my personal time to run.

3. New

Immerse in new experiences.

Do things that I have never done in my life before.

I have always done this. But this year I plan to  take this to the next level.  A start has already been made in this direction.

4. Move

Move to places  — old and new, with a focus on having fun and sharing.

In sync with this  — i  am aiming  for reasonable freedom from inbox. I plan to interact over email but spend less time on other channels. I made a start in this direction in December last year.

I will instead take time to meet new people and be totally present wherever I am.

5. Scale

Move on to bigger things in life.

Play with big ideas that can make an impact.

Think about big problems facing the world – hunger, disease, poverty.

Spend my time tackling bigger challenges.

Build bigger businesses than I have built before.

So my plan is to get up everyday  —>

– live a simple life

– do work that I enjoy, ship what needs to be shipped

– take time to be more with people who matter in my life

– travel and  take time to meet new people as well

– do the new

– and work on big things.

I wish that 2012 is year that you live with a clear purpose.

Great if you get up, live life to the fullest, do work that matters and play. Do not keep play for tomorrow, keep it for today. Live each day of your life as a festival. It is your right and you can do it.

I am sharing this with you as friend. So keep checking as the year progresses, and feel free to kick my butt, if I get lazy and don’t do it. I mean it.

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