Top 11 posts of 2011

goodbye 2011

Goodbye 2011, loved every moment when we were together

Year 2011 started with a  thank you note.

Over the year I wrote many posts — about contributing to  a publishing revolution, serious, light,  personal, long, short,  simple,  interviewed awesome people, helped create a  really inspiring eBook.

Old makes way for new, and 2011 will make way for 2012 no matter what. Still this year will be part of our lives forever.

To celebrate the end of 2011, I am happy to share my  learnings  with you through what I think are  top posts of 2011  on this  blog.

1. What every young person should know

2. The Happiness Formula

3. Do you want to travel the world? Try this!

4. Read this before you attend next conference

5. Are you falling for the fancy?

6. Solve Big Problems for Big Gains

7. How to build a start-up as a student?

8. Future of education

9. 100 things I learned as an entrepreneur

10. How to triple your productivity in 1 day

11. How to shine like a star (the longest post on this blog and my favourite)

Want more goodness then check out old posts there are hundreds of them.

Before you move on to new year read this bonus post –

How to make 2012 your best year ever.


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