How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos In 2020

Here is a plan that you can use to get to a place where YouTube starts promoting your videos.

This focuses on three content creation and content promotion or channel growth. Both are interlinked.

Basics First.

YouTube rewards prolific content creators.

So, if you want to get organic views and fast growth then post as often as you can. Aim for posting 1 video every day. It is tough but doable.

How To Create 60 Videos In Less Than A Week

You can be efficient about video making using this plan I am going to share with you.

Make a mix of long-form videos and several short videos. 

Make a masterclass type long-form video of 1-2 hours, once every 2 months. Target this video around a mid-tail keyword. One that is difficult to rank, but has a high search volume.

Then cut it into 10-20 videos of 5-10 minutes length. With these short videos, target long-tail, low volume, and easy to rank keywords.

So with 1 long video, you create 20 more videos.

Then make 20-30 short videos. Use this approach to come up with video topics.

This way you’ll reach up to 50 videos. For the rest of the videos, you can interview someone. 

With a week’s effort, you’ll have 60 days, one for every day. Repeat this 5-6 times in a year and you’ll have videos for an entire year ready.

Channel Growth

When you post good quality videos every day, you’ll see your rankings and views soar.

To grow with the help of this process optimize your videos like you’ll optimize a web page. Once you have more videos on a theme create playlists.

Bring traffic from outside. Use email, and paid ads on Facebook until YouTube starts pushing your video in the algorithm. 

Reach out to blogs and ask them to embed your videos on relevant blog posts?

Use this framework to get people to stick to your videos and increase watch time for your channel.

Post updates in your YouTube channel community. There, show your process. Talk about a video before you unveil it. 

That’s it. A simple plan to grow your YouTube channel and get video views.

Hope you are able to use it.

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