A Simple 5-Step Framework To Make YouTube Videos That People Watch And Engage With

Videos are everywhere and YouTube is where the biggest audience for your videos is.

So, if you are already making videos for your videos but are not getting a lot of views, good watch time or you are finding it tough to create videos, use the following 6 step framework.

YouTube Video Framework to Engage People and Increase Watch Time

#1 Thumbnail

Start with the right Thumbnail. A viewer’s journey with your video starts with the thumbnail. So, make it enticing by working on the words you write there and the design. 

#2 Hook

Use a powerful but crisp hook. Here you should tease the viewers with a risk or reward. You can also hook people by setting expectations.

#3 Brand Intro

Then comes your Brand Intro. It is what comes between the main content of the video and the hook. It established who you are and what you do.

#4 Deliver Content

This is the meat and the longest part of the video so make sure it is tight and delivers on the promise that you made through the thumbnail and the hook.

#5 Pitch / Call To Action

In the end, you pitch another video or ask viewers to comment. Your other videos should be visible on the end screen to help viewers discover your other videos.

That’s it. A simple framework to make your YouTube videos more engaging and build an engaged audience as a result of this.

A note on keeping your content tight. If you make educational videos in any industry, record raw videos based on what you know. Transcribe it. Then, update the copy to come to a script based on the above framework. And, then do a take 2 of the video. This way, you’ll make a tight video and chances of your success with it will increase.

Hope it helps.


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