Being A Newbie Is The Only Way To Grow

I am surprised why not a lot of people do it.

Is it because it makes you uncomfortable?

Or because you are already successful and people see you in a certain way?

It’s ok for someone who is starting out because it is a given that a person takes some time to make a mark.

But not so much for someone who is already successful. For them, it is tough to be seen as a newbie. 

Sitting in a class, when you are used to teaching others.

Not knowing your way around new technology.

Not knowing new ways to build a business.

It takes humility and courage. It takes a willingness to be uncomfortable for some time before one feels in control again.

If you use the 3x3x3 framework to become an expert and get over the fear of being a newbie, you can become an unstoppable force.

It may involve some discomfort, but it is a better approach than getting into a shell and hoping that nothing changes.

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