Getting More Out Of Your Days, And Avoiding Overwhelm

I try to be kind to my clients.

Instead of asking them to do too much all at once I help them build a month-on-month, and week-on-week action plan.

I also encourage them to break major projects into small daily chunks so that they can move ahead and notice day by day progress.

That isn’t to say that we don’t set big goals.

And, sometimes when we look at big goals and the massive action needed in order to achieve them, we get overwhelmed.

That is what happens with some clients. They think that they are losing the plot because there is so much to do.

At that point, I share the following ideas that I am sharing with you hoping that you may find them useful.

How To Get More Out Of Your Days, Achieve Big Goals Without Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Finish What You Start

A lot of overwhelm comes from unfinished projects. So finish what you start. Unfinished projects don’t add a lot of value except some learnings and lessons. But you gain more when you finish in the form of momentum, confidence and satisfaction.

2. Get Help

Obviously. Hire an assistant or a supporting hand to help you navigate administrative responsibilities and work that others can do for you. Aim for impact and results over doing everything yourself.

3.  Build Connected Projects

That means line up your projects in a way that one feeds another.

4. Early Sprints

Instead of waiting for the deadline to arrive, finish what you have to do as soon as you know what you have to do. This goes for what you have to do yourself and what you have to delegate. Plan your days and weeks also like that. Act early in the day and the week.

5. Take Time To Calm Your Mind

Meditate, take a walk or work out. Whatever works for you. When you are centered it’s not easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed.

There you have it. A plan to keep you going while feeling confident, satisfied and calm. A feeling that motivates you to keep moving ahead. And, when one keeps taking action in the right direction, success is bound to come.

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