Best use of time

Best use of timeTime is something which never comes back. Every moment that passes by is a lost moment. There is no need to panic though; we are also given an opportunity to spend these moments wisely.

Do you ever think about the best use of this limited resource? I gave it a thought and realized all of us can use time for following;

To enrich soul: Meditate, spend time in solitude, introspect, do whatever helps you know yourself better. Give some time to your deeds during the day and how they could have been done better. If it suits you then record your thoughts in a journal; volunteer for a cause close to your heart without expecting anything in return.  

To enrich body: Take time to listen to your body, stop when you are tired and exhausted, take time to relax and unwind, learn about food that is good for your body, tale time to cook healthy food or pick up fresh food, eat right and exercise.

To enrich mind: Read books, write, express, create, learn from those who have been there and have done that.

To earn daily bread and beyond: Do not just spend time, focus on being efficient. Avoid procrastination, do more than what people expect you to do. Take a commonsensical approach and your will surprise others and at times yourself with your success.

To fulfill our dreams: Work for something other than money, if you have responsibilities then work in the evening or whenever you get time for it. More than getting it is about finding time to do things that you love doing. It is hard to imagine what you can achieve when you work on your dreams on a daily basis.

To care for those who matter to you: Who is the most important person in your life or who are the most important people in your life. Ask yourself this question first. After you have answered this just ask that are you giving enough time to them.  

To make a difference and to work on what matters:   The world needs less of pollution, the world needs clean water, our generation and the next one needs better health. Underprivileged need more opportunities; youth need education in moral standards and to know that honesty and success can go hand in hand. Some part of the world need better education, others need better healthcare and rest needs less of food (think about a large population facing obesity). Moreover everybody on the planet needs peace. You will be more fulfilled and relaxed once you devote yourself to a bigger cause then yourself.

Sure you will have some thoughts about really good use of time. Please share in comments and help all of us learn.

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