How to make maximum impact?

maximum_impactI am all for self growth, making an impact and getting close to one’s dreams.

I do it by learning.   I learn best when I act and experiment.

Minimize is one of my 5 words for 2011. I tried an experiment to move ahead with this. Starting late December 2010 I started a no info-load (email, web, phone etc.) practice till mid-day every day. The results are encouraging to say the least.

I experiment to realize my true potential. I share it with you so that you are inspired to initiate such experiments in your life, with an intention to move ahead.

Today I share something similar that I use to do what I love in an efficient manner.

Idea: Time your core tasks around your productive peaks.

You see, a human being is a machine (but of a different kind); not like a refrigerator which can run for years with minimal defrost time.

A human being can make choices and become more efficient over a period of time. A human being experiences emotions and is driven by desires, goals and dreams; and needs downtime (sleep/rest) at the end of every day.

A person’s productivity levels vary during a day.

There may be times when your mind is clear, open to new ideas and when it can easily get into flow.  There are times when you need rest, may be a 15-minute break. Then there are times in between when you may not want to sleep but may not be at your productive best.

How to be most efficient during this varying degree of productivity?

To begin, think about activities you perform in a day.

You will find a mix of essential, unwanted but useful, routine and desired but not useful.

  1. Essential: being in touch with your core, being with your loved ones.
  2. Unwanted but useful: time spent working out, reading, travelling to meet a potential client/partner, meeting a prospective employer.
  3. Routine: eat, sleep, relax, and watch TV, chilling out,  running errands.
  4. Desired but not useful beyond a point: surfing web, social networking, indulgences etc.

Now each one of these is important, only significance varies.

Then there is something that each one of us should spend time onthinking about your purpose and working on or in direction of your dream projects. You should give your best time to such activities.

It neither is humanly possible nor is it desired to eliminate no. 1 – 4 from your life. But a constant effort should be made to spend as much time as you can on finding what you love and where you can make maximum impact. Whatever situation/role you are in – it is possible to make a start.

For example, I do my best work during 1st part of the day so I use this time to do what is important for me on that particular day (also something that helps me move in the direction of my dreams)  — thinking, writing, preparing for a speech, or reading.  During January I read on most mornings just to give an enriching start to a new year.

For other tasks like email, creating routine documents, meetings, I utilize rest of the day.

At times I shuffle activities like reading, writing in favor of a meeting or email when there is a pressing need or I just want to get out of a routine. I also pick some tasks to tackle during 1st half that need more drive and energy than usual.

In a nutshell;

  • Spend your best hours on your most important projects (hint: The really important things in your life may not be apparent initially. For me important is something which can alter lives — mine and of others).
  • Do it because clock is ticking and time is running.
  • If you need to make an impact you need to align your work with your purpose.
  • If you do not know your purpose, explore and find it.

Hope you found value in this micro approach of looking at things, for a macro view go check best use of time.

Now let me ask you this, how do you spend your time?

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