From Less To More Choices

From less to more choices

Our choices shape our lives.

There are times when we feel that we have limited choices.

Like what, how and when to do something in a job.

Like going for a party when on a clean diet and not finding anything that is healthy.

We fret about such situations.

Fretting does not take us anywhere and we continue to live this apparently choiceless life.

What if we stop fretting and sulking, and think of creating a world where we have all the choices.

This is not as tough as it appears.

You may not have the choice to do things your way when at work. But you have the full choice or what you do with your free time.

When the time comes to exercise such a choice, act to expand the time where you have the choice. Maybe work on a side gig that you can build in a year or two to a level where you no longer have to work in a place with limited choices.

I call it expanding your zone of freedom.

You may not avoid the party or have no control over what is served there but you can definitely choose ‘how much’ you eat. You can even skip breakfast the next day.

You may be an entrepreneur who juggles administrative and business operations during office hours and finds no time for business growth. Then why not block a full day in a week (or over the weekend) just to do that.

It is smart to make the best use of time when you have the choice instead of fighting situations with limited choices.

I hope you’d choose that.

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