Drip by Drip We Lose Life, We Can Gain It the Same Way

How much time do you spend on social media and digital platforms everyday?

30 minutes?

An hour?

Or more?

What if I told you that as of mid 2020 an average Indian adult spends more that 90 minutes (1:39 hrs to be accurate) on digital platforms as per an eMarketer report.

And that’s not all of an adult’s media consumption time. You can add an average 3 hours, 45 minutes per day with traditional media, mainly TV.

That’s more than 5 hours of daily media consumption. Even if you discount TV time as family time, digital platform time is spent mostly alone.

Even 30 minutes a day of social media, adds up to 183 hours spent on social media every day.

And with the average total media consumption numbers, I shared with you, we are looking at more than 600 hours spent on digital platforms in a year. This is equivalent to 75 workdays of 8 hours each.

If you are among the people whose media usage numbers are close to what I shared, then you should never again talk about unfulfilled dreams because of lack of time.

I am all for connecting and chilling, but we rarely connect on social media, we lurk. Oftentimes, we equate endless scrolling with rest, that’s also not true.

I have experienced that a leisurely stroll, or sipping your cup of coffee or tea, while the Sun goes down, or just lying down with your eyes closed or taking a nap are more restful than scrolling through a mobile phone’s feed. So rethink if you are actually resting when spending time on YouTube.

Now, let’s take a macro look of your media consumption. If you take total average 5 hours daily media consumption  into account, it equals to 1/5th of our total lifespan and 1/3rd of our time when we are awake, spent on media consumption.

So, you need to ask yourselves. “Is watching TV, and being a lurker on social media the best use of my time?”
If the answer is yes, then keep going the way you are.

And if you get a no for an answer, you know what to do 🙂

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