31-Day Daily Writing Challenge: What I Learned By Writing A Post A Day For A Month

I am happy today.


Because in January I published a new post on MohitPawar.com every single day.

I started on a whim as I was not happy with my writing output for a past couple of years. I also wrote about it my 2018 Annual Review.

I did it because I wanted a daily habit that can become a growth anchor for me. In past, my meditation practice and workout have been this anchor.

It took some effort to continue. Here what I learned.

What I Learned of Writing And Publishing Daily For A Month

9 Tips & Truths About Daily Writing

(The truths here are based on my experience. Your results may vary. Still, it is worth doing.)

#1 It helps to start with a plan.

#2 You will not always write as per plan.

#3 It helps to write and schedule a bunch of posts in advance. I was able to do it 3-4 times in a month. Wrote two posts in a day on a couple of times. Wrote 3 posts in one day once.

#4 You will worry about it at times because you have to do it every day.

#5 It helps to have a set time and place to do it. For most days I wrote at night, in the bed. I know I am more efficient when working on my work table in the morning. But that didn’t work this time. This means you can do it even when your writing environment is not perfect.

#6 You may have to lower your standards. For example, I want to write and share in-depth posts. Sometimes such posts run into a couple of thousand words. It is not possible to do it every day. So, you have to find a soft spot between short and long posts without sacrificing a lot on quality.

#7 You will have to get over the fear of ‘what will people say’.

#8 It helps if you know why you are doing it. My ‘why’ was a chance to become a better writer and get out of sloth fest I was in. When you know your reason for doing it, your writing becomes means to an end. If your writing does not help you move close to a goal, you’ll see it as a chore. You will bore yourself and drop it. Believing that writing helps in a lot of ways is enough to start but then you need something real. You can do it by the sheer force of will but it is tough. Choose an easier path. Linking it to a goal makes it easy.

#9 There is magic in starting on the first day of a month or a year. It does not matter if you did not start on Jan 1st, start on Feb 1st. To warm up start a couple of days early but see the starting date as 1st. You can do it on other days but there is something special about starting on 1st. Try and see if you also feel the same.

How Daily Writing Helps: 9 Reasons To Do It

#1 Publishing daily means you are on a daily deadline. When you start to do it you become a better finisher. This ability to finish what you start is a big one for me.

#2 When you write every day you get better at noticing things. You have to. If you don’t notice, get inspired and find prompts, it becomes tough to write day after day.

#3 You build your body of work. It helps in a lot of ways. One is the satisfaction of creating. Two, you find more opportunities to show your work, make connections and money. It happens drip by drip. You can use what you write to publish a book or make videos.

#4 You get better at writing. You may not notice it but at times inspiration will strike and you’ll find flow without much effort.

#5 It activates your brain.

#6 Your ability to express yourself, describe your feelings and share experiences improve. It all helps in becoming a better communicator.

#7 It makes you more disciplined.

#8 It makes you an efficient writer. Nothing like the clock telling you that you have one hour to finish the day’s writing.

#9 It trains your readers to expect your writing every day. Good for engagement. Daily updates may overwhelm some readers but those who care and value what you do will stick.

Have you tried daily writing?

Did you experience something similar?

I invite you to start your own daily writing challenge. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Interesting Stats from The Challenge

Before I go, I’ll leave you with these interesting stats:

January Update

  • Total Words: 22,226. This is good to create a manifesto-style book.
  • I also created this new page on the site to track different personal and public experiments.

February Update

Interesting Stats

  • Total Words: 14,488. This is good to create an ebook.
  • Post that I enjoyed writing the most: The longest post that I shared above.
  • I averaged 519 words per day as compared to 719 words per day in January.

It took more effort in February than in January.

March Update

Interesting Stats

  • Total Words: 19,629. This is good to create a manifesto-style book. [Average word count per day at
  • Post that I enjoyed writing the most: The one above about ‘how to meditate’ because I wanted to share something on this topic for long. More so because it came after Sunil, a new reader suggested sharing my personal trials and triumphs.

And, this one about the marketing plan for launching a startup.

Writing flew easily this month but there were days when I was freaking out trying to stay on track – due to all that I had on my plate, and how poorly I managed my time.


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