It Is Tough Before It Becomes Easy

it is tough before it becomes easy

Do you plan to start something important soon?

If you do then it is worth remembering that anything worth doing is tough in the beginning.

It gets easier as you do it again and again.

Practice is important. So is the frequency.

If you leave a long gap between two practice sets then you come on the backfoot. Time passes but you remain far from mastery, a state where everything becomes fun and easy. You again start in the beginning where doing is tough.

If you remain in tough phase for long, chances are you will drop your practice altogether. Because you won’t have any growth to show for the pain you endured.

Practice at short intervals to move past the tough phase fast and achieve mastery. Then if you wish you may again aim even higher and start a new tough phase. This time you’ll find it easier to work through because you’ve already tasted the fruits of your labor.

Don’t make any important pursuit tougher for you than it needs to be.


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