The Pursuit Of Success. Are You Paying Attention To This?


We are always pursuing it. It’s an elusive destination that seems within reach but not close enough.

The reason that not everyone is successful by their standards isn’t the lack of a dream or a plan. It is something else.

You see, success is not so difficult to understand. It is mix of skills, insights, timing, direction, and work. We all know it. What we don’t think often about is the fact that work is a function of energy and focus.

When you have high energy you can work longer and better, and still have time to learn, gain insights and make plans.

But often times when we come to work at our life’s big projects we are either low on sleep or high on caffeine.

It is important to think about this aspect of success.

If you are sincere about finding success then think often about the state of your mind and body. Pay attention to self-care, how well rested and hydrated you are, and if you had enough food, not too much though.

Don’t you think this approach is better than working yourself to exhaustion and burnout?


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