Do These Three Things To Excel At What You Do

Anyone who is exceptionally good at or proficient in what they do are in for big wins.

You can reach this stage.

Here is how.

#1 Do the work.

Do what you say you do. It can’t get simpler than this. A writer writes. A programmer codes. A sportsperson plays. An artist creates.

When you do it, don’t break the chain. Don’t skip your practice for more than one day in a row. Missing two days in a row makes it easy to get out of habit.

#2 Keep a log.

Do what you do and the record what you did on a particular day. Set a minimum and meet than output every day. If you code, log commits. If you write, log words. If you play, then log hours of practice, along with what skills you worked on a particular day.

#3 Learn every day.

Can you be a good musician, without listening to music? Can you be a good marketer without learning every day about the tools of the trade, and what other top marketers are doing? You can’t. This is also true of the field you have chosen for yourself.

Devour books. Discuss with mentors. Create a personal board of advisors if you can. Do anything that you need to do to stay on the cutting edge. Learn on schedule. 20 minutes a day is a good start. Do more if you can.

BONUS: Record and share what you learn.

This will help you retain more, clarify your thinking and help you stand out in your chosen field. You will also attract and build a community of peers which will fast forward your growth.

Are you ready to start?

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